Thomas D. Meyer

"Our goal here is to make condominium living affordable to the seniors who want to change and enjoy their lifestyle."



Meyer Brothers

Owners of The Meadows

Leo 'Corky' Meyer

"....adapting (The Meadows) to the changing needs of our community, while providing another alternative for our seniors."

A Condominium Community Alternative Is Right Here In Three Rivers

These two successful, local businessmen are Three Rivers High School graduates. They grew up in this community and, after graduation, planted their roots here. They have raised their families in Three Rivers.

Not only have they found their success in Three Rivers, they have reached beyond the boundaries of Michigan and succeeded in several other areas of business. The ventures they have had inspired them to continue to invest in Three Rivers.

Choosing to keep their roots deeply implanted in their hometown, their presence has made an impact on several people in the area. They have shared their success by reaching out to others, helping to make them successful. They care about Three Rivers - they care about the people here!

TCM Ventures, LLC, was formed more than five years ago when Tom and Corky bought The Meadows condominium complex - a story within itself. Their immediate plans were to sustain the only condominium community in Three Rivers by reducing the selling prices and make the alternative living affordable to seniors ages 55 and over.

That decision was not made totally out of the generosity of their hearts. The reduction in prices was a kind of stimulus package of their own to counteract the economy down-swing that was nationwide. They truly made this sophisticated, private, maintenance-free living affordable to those aged 55+ seniors who were changing their lifestyles and still wished to remain local. The Meyer's have certainly attracted a lot of interest and made condominium ownership and living a possibility for a lot more people. In fact, for those homeowners wanting to upgrade, but downsize, trading in your existing home is a possibility!